twisted-sister-team asked:

You know, first I liked Malia cause I thought she makes Stiles happy. But I always know that Stiles didn't love Malia as much as he love Lydia (if he EVER REALLY loved Malia). And I know that Malia and Stiles had to break up cause she's not good for him! And now I hate me a bit cause I first thought Malia is good for Stiles. SHE ISN'T OKAY!? Lydia is his real big love!

liamdunbarmccall answered:

He does not love Malia. He never did. He’s just thankful because she loves him. No one ever loved Stiles. No one put him on #1. Malia does and he’s just thankful, but he does know it’s unhealthy and that she’s no good for him. He’s just too sweet to let go on her and he’s also kinda desperate. He’s not the type to dump someone randomly. He also wants to protect her from going to Peter, but since Peter is locked up, it’ll be easier for Stiles to let Malia go.

He doesn’t love her. He knows it’s no good. He loved Lydia and soon he’s going to let Malia go, because he realizes it’s not his job to stay with her so she doesn’t fuck up.